Anna Malaeva | Portfolio

GAMEon - Smart City App


GameOn connects sports enthusiasts together to improve skills and fitness while socialising. The app is a secure, quick and fun way to meet like-minded people in your new city.

A working prototype can be accessed through this link HERE.



Recently TfL refused to reniew Uber's License saying that "innovative experience should not be at an expense of customer's safety and security"

As a response to these News, I decided to suggest a product that would increase ubers transparency, improve customer's safety and allow TfL to keep Uber on the roads



LUmeN is a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source in all directions, and is an appropriate name for the product that is designed to measure and adjust the brightness intensity of the light sources around the user.

it uses photoreceptors to analyse the illumination of the environment the user is in and compares it to the brightness setting entered by the user, lumen communicates to the artificial light sources, thus maximising efficiency and minimising enegry waste.

Diving Computer


After passing my PADI (diving certificate), I decided that there would be an opportunity to redesign a diving computer. Keeping all existing functionality in addition to developin planning and navigation aspects, I was able to achive a product that iwas missing in my personal diving experience.


image 6.png

A group project in which we developed and designed a monorail to go over the emerging student hub - Loughborough. With its annually growing population, it is important to develop the infrastructure of the town to accommodate the influx of people.

One of the challenges of this project were to design the monorail within the budget, yet with the required functionality and comfort.



Light is an essential part in any home. Throughout this project, I explore form and materials, learn production techniques and develop a compact table lamp that fits a range of decors.

WAWA - Industrial Placement


A range of furniture designs projects that I was working on over my placement.

Towards the end of the placement I have also designed 2 website for the company, they can be previewed using following links: and